It is What It is

That little girl from yesterday Filled with hope, promises and dreams Has long since been replaced After all, nothing is what it seems No, she didn’t ask for it She saw her life a different way But that candle’s no longer lit The world gets a little darker each day She puts up a front … Continue reading

Round Trip in a Letter

Dearest Me, I know that you feel like your life is over. All your hopes and dreams seem to have flown away with the birds that you watch so often. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for you. It’s not fair to have your childhood robbed from you. I’m also sorry … Continue reading

From the Mouths of Babes

Mommy, Why don’t you do anything with me anymore? When I was little you helped me learn my numbers and letters and we’d play with my toys. Now all you do is lay in bed or on the sofa watching your videos. You always tell me that you don’t feel good or that your tummy … Continue reading

The F Word

No, the one you’re thinking of is not the F word I’m referring to here. Although, they are somewhat synonymous in my world. As in, “F*** my fatigue.” I try not to cuss my symptoms, after all, there’s little I can do about them. However, after days, or weeks, of the same nonsense every day … Continue reading

Music Revisited

Ever since the beginning of this blog endeavor, I’ve talked about how much music has an impact on my daily life. I, however, couldn’t figure out how to really convey that to you… until now. After debating a few ideas, I finally decided the best way to tell you is to, well, tell you. I’ve … Continue reading

It’s Been That Kind of Day

Since getting back on track, I’ve tried to stay positive with my posts. Today, has been a bad day. Not a “kind of” bad day but a stayed in bed, should of gotten the information from the driver of the bus that hit me, going to sleep the day away kind of bad day. An … Continue reading

My C’s Do Not Define Me

The Crohn’s, PSC, Celiac, and Colon Cancer are the diseases. I have spent 19 years letting one or all of them dictate what I do and how I act. Yes, they played a major role in making me the person I am today and why I write this blog. Nevertheless, for so long I let … Continue reading

Inspiration from Impaired Perceptions

This past weekend, I read an article that introduced me to Brian Steel and his ‘Impaired Perceptions’ photo project. In the CNN article, which can be found here, Brian talks about “ableism”, living with a disability, and the inspiration behind his project. The title “Impaired Perceptions” is what first grabbed my attention when strolling the internet … Continue reading

My Gift to You

It is official! There will be 30 candles on the birthday cake today….well, if I was getting a cake. There isn’t any Gluten Free Bakeries close by and I sure as hell ain’t baking one! HOWEVER, if there was a cake… 30! It has been a LONG road with more downs than ups but I … Continue reading

5 Days and Counting

Like Ronnie Van Zant (from Lynyrd Skynyrd for those of you not from the south), I had a firm belief that I would not see the age of 30. Unlike Ronnie Van Zant, I am 5 days away. I don’t see any plane trips in my immediate future so I know that I won’t be … Continue reading

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