Fleeting Feelings

I’ve done a few of The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenges now. I don’t do them all. I never planned to when I started. After all, this is not a photography blog and it’s just physically not realistic for me. However, I do look at them each week. I ask myself can I incorporate this … Continue reading

Photo of a One Night Stand

Sara over at the Daily Post put out the weekly photo challenge of signs this week. My mind went something like this: street signs, roads, sidewalks, pedestrians, need to walk to the mailbox. No, I thought. Focus. Signs. Sign of the times? Cliché. Signs and crossroads. Hang a sign. Here’s your sign. What’s your sign, … Continue reading

Chicken Française

It’s time for lunch and I’m feeling a little energized so I thought I’d try a new dish. To be honest, I’ve thought about making this for a few days now. On our weekly grocery shopping trip, I picked up the few things I didn’t have at home in hopes I’d feel up to it … Continue reading

Chronic Stress Management

Stress management is something that I have to constantly be aware of. If I become too stressed out all of my C’s start rearing their ugly heads and attacking what’s left of my insides. As a mother and a wife, not a day goes by that is completely stress free. Chronic stress is just how … Continue reading

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