Face Off

If I wrote a book with all the things that I’ve had to deal with over the course of my 30 years, it would be so thick no one would want to pay for the paper to publish it. Paper, like everything else these days is expensive you know. The current struggle I’m dealing with … Continue reading

Pigeon Please

My dear “wifey”, who has made my life more meaningful in the last year than I could ever express, has taken to telling me certain quotes to lift my spirits the past few months. The most recent thing she’s told me seems to be a testament to how both of our lives are currently going. … Continue reading

Love is…

Now, I am by no means a “holy roller,” “Bible thumper” or anywhere close to what most would call religious. I struggle with faith. Always have. After all, what God would punish an 11 year old with such a bad hand? But, I digress. With all the sh** that my life has dealt me, both … Continue reading

A Classic Tale

A course of events this past Friday, May 17th, led to something that could only be described as a resounding success for the Gluten Free community. I am so proud to be among this wonderful group of people. We proved that there is power in numbers! We proved that even though Celiac Disease (or gluten … Continue reading

I’m Gonna Love You Through It

If you have spent any amount of time sifting through my musings, you know that music and I have always gone hand in hand through life. As important as it is to me, I’ve tried to refer to music only here and there, as well as my “listening to” at the bottom of each post. If I didn’t limit … Continue reading

Chronic Stress Management

Stress management is something that I have to constantly be aware of. If I become too stressed out all of my C’s start rearing their ugly heads and attacking what’s left of my insides. As a mother and a wife, not a day goes by that is completely stress free. Chronic stress is just how … Continue reading

Hash Browns

After weeks of eating instant and frozen mashed potatoes to calm my craving, I finally had the energy to cook actual fresh potatoes. As you know, my energy levels fluctuate. So as not to overdo it and thereby be too exhausted to eat my creation, I decided to go with something fairly easy to prepare. … Continue reading

Celiac Disease: It Can’t Be Just Me

Thanks to Twitter, I came across Show Your Love this February. As it so happened, at the same exact time I finished reading, my sister texted me. I took the opportunity to link the page with the message for her to read it and pass it along to “you know who”. She responded with “Just … Continue reading

Inspiration from Impaired Perceptions

This past weekend, I read an article that introduced me to Brian Steel and his ‘Impaired Perceptions’ photo project. In the CNN article, which can be found here, Brian talks about “ableism”, living with a disability, and the inspiration behind his project. The title “Impaired Perceptions” is what first grabbed my attention when strolling the internet … Continue reading

Fruity Pebbles Cookies

Gluten Free Fruity Pebbles Cookies   I came across this recipe by Creative Cooking Gluten Free and immediately knew it was something I was going to have to try. After all, it looked easy enough and my son and I both adore Fruity Pebbles. To the grocery store we went. Only to find that the … Continue reading

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