On my birthday, a month ago, I let all of you know how much I appreciated the comments and the fact that you took the time to read my blog. I feel like I’ve grown as a writer and a person here. As I’ve already declared, I try to write honestly and from the heart, … Continue reading

My Heart

In honor of Valentine’s Day and a few other reasons I give you the following… With all of my C’s chewing up most of my focus, I’ve neglected to mention my other major health issue. For going on 7 years now, I’ve had uncontrolled blood pressure. It’s mostly high but, every so often, it will … Continue reading

The F Word

No, the one you’re thinking of is not the F word I’m referring to here. Although, they are somewhat synonymous in my world. As in, “F*** my fatigue.” I try not to cuss my symptoms, after all, there’s little I can do about them. However, after days, or weeks, of the same nonsense every day … Continue reading


At 30, I don’t consider myself old. (My body is like 90 on the inside but that’s beside the point.) Given that I am still fairly young minded and have a family that is rather extensive as well as having a 12 year old I see a lot of what “kids these days” are talking … Continue reading

Inspiration from Impaired Perceptions

This past weekend, I read an article that introduced me to Brian Steel and his ‘Impaired Perceptions’ photo project. In the CNN article, which can be found here, Brian talks about “ableism”, living with a disability, and the inspiration behind his project. The title “Impaired Perceptions” is what first grabbed my attention when strolling the internet … Continue reading

I’m Wearing Blue For ME! (my cancer story)

It is not lost upon me that my colon cancer was removed on March 17, 2011 and that National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month is March. As mentioned before, I’ve struggled with calling myself a cancer survivor. It wasn’t until I started this blog that I truly accepted that I was, indeed, a survivor of not … Continue reading

The Ad Campaign That Wasn’t

Earlier I posted my thoughts on CCFA’s Escape the Stall Campaign. I just finished reading a post by Caring for Crohn’s. This is MY response to CCFA’s answers about the controversy. First, I want to thank Rebecca for reaching out to the CCFA and giving the IBD community some insight as to what the CCFA … Continue reading

My Gift to You

It is official! There will be 30 candles on the birthday cake today….well, if I was getting a cake. There isn’t any Gluten Free Bakeries close by and I sure as hell ain’t baking one! HOWEVER, if there was a cake… 30! It has been a LONG road with more downs than ups but I … Continue reading

My 2 Cents on Alan Graham’s Diet

I recently was posed a question on Crohn’s Support as to if I thought Alan Graham’s diet approach would work. After reading the rather lengthy piece, my thoughts were swirling. Here is what Alan Graham had to say and my 2 cents on the matter. First things first, I was newly diagnosed back in the late … Continue reading

5 Days and Counting

Like Ronnie Van Zant (from Lynyrd Skynyrd for those of you not from the south), I had a firm belief that I would not see the age of 30. Unlike Ronnie Van Zant, I am 5 days away. I don’t see any plane trips in my immediate future so I know that I won’t be … Continue reading

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