Darkest Secret

Depression. Some people throw the word around like candy at a parade but it is nothing to be taken lightly. It can become debilitating. It’s a nasty disorder that could potentially push someone over the edge. Literally, the edge when life becomes death. Everyone handles their depression differently. Some seek professional therapy or counseling, which … Continue reading

A Man With Crohn’s

Originally posted on A Guy With Crohn's:
When I hear the word manly or macho, I tend to think of a guy, muscular, wearing a sports jersey, sitting on a couch surrounded by friends, chips and dip on the coffee table, watching football.  I probably got this image thanks to numerous commercials depicting this. …

The Message or The Bottle?

Being a part of a considerable number of “tummy-trouble” communities, I’ve seen quite a few attempts at promoting awareness. Some have been successful. Some, not so much. With all these PSAs, I began to question not only the message but, the spokesperson conveying it. So, I ask you…

World IBD Day 2013

Originally posted on A Guy With Crohn's:
HAPPY WORLD IBD DAY!!!!!! The time has come once again for us to celebrate our disease and spread awareness.  This year I was inspired by CCFA’s poor attempt at marketing IBD.  As you know from previous posts that I was not for their Escape The Stall campaign. …

Round Trip in a Letter

Dearest Me, I know that you feel like your life is over. All your hopes and dreams seem to have flown away with the birds that you watch so often. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for you. It’s not fair to have your childhood robbed from you. I’m also sorry … Continue reading

By the “Grace” of Cat

Some of Merriam-Webster’s definitions of “Grace” are ● unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification ● disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency ● a charming or attractive trait or characteristic ● the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful We didn’t name Gracie but, the definitions are undeniably apropos. … Continue reading

O’s Are Still Possible With J’s

Disclaimer: This post revolves around a mature subject. Respond accordingly, please. It’s hard to get much more personal than a blog talking about diseases that affect your bowels unless, of course, you add sex into the mix. I’m not one to divulge my bedroom exploits but the time has come where I feel like I … Continue reading


As a general rule, I don’t like confrontation. It truly takes something thoroughly wrong to make me stand up and say “hold on, this is bull **** I’ve got to say something about this.” Such an injustice has garnered said reaction and this is my way of voicing my thoughts… or rant, whichever. Through twitter, … Continue reading

Sorry, Not Sorry

I’ve been craving potatoes for over a week. There’s a bag in the pantry but I’ve not felt up to dealing with them. So, I’ve compensated by eating potato chips (the ones made with real potatoes and no preservatives) but I still want actual potatoes. This prompted me to Google the subject, thinking my body’s … Continue reading

My Heart

In honor of Valentine’s Day and a few other reasons I give you the following… With all of my C’s chewing up most of my focus, I’ve neglected to mention my other major health issue. For going on 7 years now, I’ve had uncontrolled blood pressure. It’s mostly high but, every so often, it will … Continue reading

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