A New Old Love

For many years now, I’ve kept several notebooks that I filled with what I saw as lyrics. I was never given the opportunity to learn an instrument so I never put music to my words. So as time passed the music in my head faded away from the words on the page and 6 months ago I decided to make a change.

Even though I’ve been neglecting tummy-troubles, asizCreations has been prospering. I opened the old notebooks. I wrote some new stuff as well. And my “poetry” blog was born and has grown.

If you’ve not noticed the link here’s your chance to see a different side of me.

An asiz “poetry” blog

A time will come when I’ll be posting here again but until then please check out my “poems” and follow me on my creative journey.

Listening to Panic! at the Disco


Scarecrow can't do ALL the thinking...

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