It is What It is

That little girl from yesterday
Filled with hope, promises and dreams
Has long since been replaced
After all, nothing is what it seems

No, she didn’t ask for it
She saw her life a different way
But that candle’s no longer lit
The world gets a little darker each day

She puts up a front and puts up a fight
Everyday she’s beat down by life
Still she tries with all her might
To try and overcome the strife

She knows there’s no promise of tomorrow
That today has to be the best it can be
She will no longer bathe in the pain and sorrow
Beat up and broken, for better or worse
This is me

little me now

4 Responses to “It is What It is”
  1. And she’s back! Welcome back, Shay. This is a perfect re-entry blog post. And I do like the photo and how it affects the overall feel of the post. I am sooooooooooo happy for you! I’m going to be back next week – promise. You’ve given me some ideas, too. But best of all, you’ve inspired me beyond anything you can imagine. Thank you for being your beautiful self…always. Much love, Dana

    • Thank you. It feels good to be back! I’m glad you like it. The photo was a 3am, I can’t sleep, what can I come up with thing. LOL. But, I’m rather happy with it. 🙂
      I look forward to what’s coming with you. As always, it makes my day to inspire someone. 😀

  2. Sheila says:

    It’s amazing how we plan for our lives and yet most of it is disrupted by life itself but usually it is a difficult journey but it turns us into amazing human beings (not all the time though). I can relate to this

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