A Man With Crohn’s

I never actually stopped to think what a “man” goes through with this disease. I guess I thought, albeit naively,that it would be easier emotionally for a guy, given that most women aren’t known to go to the bathroom at all, while your average man loves bathroom humor. Thanks to Jeffrey that all changed.

A Guy With Crohn's

When I hear the word manly or macho, I tend to think of a guy, muscular, wearing a sports jersey, sitting on a couch surrounded by friends, chips and dip on the coffee table, watching football.  I probably got this image thanks to numerous commercials depicting this.  Some people may have a different image.  Some tend to think of a tall lumberjack in plaid.  Some may think of a fireman running through flames or a cop rescuing someone.  Still others may think of a soldier in uniform fighting for his country, saving innocent people caught up in a crossfire.  My point to this is no one thinks of a guy laying in bed double over in pain who has to jump out of bed to run to the bathroom.  Then on his return trip to the bed, picks up a garbage can to vomit.

Sadly, that is what a lot…

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One Response to “A Man With Crohn’s”
  1. Diane C says:

    Hi Shay,
    I wasn’t quite sure where to post this and I don’t in anyway want to take away from this story but I really wanted to pass this on to you:
    In keeping with the community values of WordPress, I want to pass on the “I am Part of the WordPress Family Award” nomination that was so kindly passed on to me by Goldy @ http://goldyigal.wordpress.com/. You have moved me, made me laugh out loud and given me lots to think about. Thanks for your support. Keep blogging because I (and others) will keep reading!

    You truly inspire me.

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