The Message or The Bottle?

broken message bottle

Being a part of a considerable number of “tummy-trouble” communities, I’ve seen quite a few attempts at promoting awareness. Some have been successful. Some, not so much. With all these PSAs, I began to question not only the message but, the spokesperson conveying it. So, I ask you…

18 Responses to “The Message or The Bottle?”
  1. People don’t want to think about or even hear about tummy troubles. They don’t like to hear about liver troubles either. I would love to see and hear a well-known and very well liked person become an advocate for people with tummy and/or liver troubles. It’s just like Michael J. Fox coming out for Parkinson’s Disease – most people don’t want to think about it, believe it only happens to “old” people and certainly never see or hear about the reality of the disease. There has to be a Michael J. Fox out there for us, too!

    • asizcreatives says:

      You are absolutely right, Dana. People, as a whole, don’t want to hear about it. I can, however, argue for any of the answers in the poll. Hence, why I asked the question. 😉
      In a perfect world, we would have a spokesperson that not only is a great human being but also suffers from -insert disease here- AND is famous. Unfortunately, that isn’t reality ESPECIALLY when it comes to PSC.
      In doing my research for this (and a follow up post) I found that not one PSA for PSC exists. Given it’s rarity, that unfortunately came as no shock. 😦
      What did surprise me was that there were only a few Celiac Disease PSAs. With the growing gluten-free fad, I thought that there would have been more. Then again, the ugliness associated with the disease doesn’t make for a good marketing campaign.
      Anyway, I sincerely hope that we do find our PSC version of Mr. Fox. One day, one day! 😀

      • I’m not that surprised there’s not a PSA for PSC. When people are really sick with it, they are also very fatigued, most likely. And the disease goes on for a long, long time. Maybe I should start a campaign to find someone who will make a PSA for PSC and other liver diseases. There are lots of older rock stars who suffer from hepatitis C from their drug days, and they advocate for organ donation. As for celiac disease, it seems like parents would like to make a pitch for it since they have to watch their kids suffer from it – suffer in all kinds of ways. Lots of ugly diseases (like epilepsy) have been outed by parents’ groups and adult support groups for those with epilepsy, too. (Oh, I have that, too.) Seems like us two writers could come up with something….just sayin’.

      • asizcreatives says:

        Absolutely! We definitely need to get our great and powerful minds busy!

      • I’m ready to do something productive! And use my mind and yours! Together … wow!

    • asizcreatives says:

      Thanks Peter! 😀

      • Wow, I couldn’t read all of Peter’s answer because for some reason the link wasn’t good for Crohn Support blog. It took me to Page Error! Dang! Now I’m curious.

      • asizcreatives says:

        Ya know what, you’re right. I didn’t check the link when I thanked him. Ooops!
        I sent him a message to see what’s up though. Stay tuned!
        Until then, feel free to click on his name. It’ll take you right to the homepage of Crohn’s Support. He’s really done a good job way over there across the pond. 😉

      • His name wasn’t a link. I’ll just wait for you. TTFN! D.

      • asizcreatives says:

        Heh. Maybe it’s a user thing. I dunno. I’m tired…. 😛
        At any rate, the official site is

      • You take the rest of the evening off, girl! I hope you had a decent, even good, day today! You make me thing about my blog every single day. I’m going to get started on it again – because of sweet li’l you, Shay! Much love, Dana

      • asizcreatives says:

        That sounds great… theoretically. 😉 I’ve been completely wiped since school got out. This Friday can’t come quick enough! Mini-vacation back home at the beach 😀
        Thank you. I do hope you get to posting again 🙂 I’m not the best at posting regularly but hopefully that’s going to change sooner rather than later. Coming up with a set posting schedule. Trick is having posts all ready to go tho. Used up my stash a few months ago. Heh.
        TTFN ~Shay

      • Glad to hear you’re getting some time off (or is it ever “off” with small kids???) at the beach. You hang in there, Shay. Take good care of you! -Dana

      • asizcreatives says:

        Well, albeit kinda sucky, problem figured out. Evidentally he cannot reblog on his site because my site is on the free
        Who knew?!?! Silly WordPress.

  2. I have shared by all the social networks, look forward to speaking to u on Saturday Shay 🙂

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