Photo of a One Night Stand

Sara over at the Daily Post put out the weekly photo challenge of signs this week. My mind went something like this: street signs, roads, sidewalks, pedestrians, need to walk to the mailbox. No, I thought. Focus. Signs. Sign of the times? Cliché. Signs and crossroads. Hang a sign. Here’s your sign. What’s your sign, baby? Sign your name.

What is my sign?

My sign is me, in a nutshell, I thought. What embodies me, then? What is my most personal sign, snapshot in time? Well, what’s the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning? Where do I store all that is me? My cell phone? Again, too cliché. Becoming aggravated, I decided to just let my thoughts simmer to some music and reached for my ear buds on my nightstand. Ah ha! That was it. My nightstand!

 Nightstand - front view

All that I am is prominently on display beside the bed. It is my sign to the world that exclaims “Shay”. Admittedly, my Crohn’s and PSC are nowhere to be found in this picture. However, if you were to crack open any of the notebooks, you would read all about them. So, in a way, they are there. My medication bottles are also not pictured simply because there isn’t enough room to store them on my nightstand. C’est la vie.

The rest of me is in plain view. My necessities, my hobbies, and even my favorite candies are all shown. But, in case your eyes are as bad as mine here’s a list of everything, as well as a few extra details about me.

Starting from the back, left to right, and around.

Heating Pad (what Chronie doesn’t own one?)


Opti-Free Contacts Solution (all other solutions burn my eyes)

Bath and Body Works Black Raspberry and Vanilla (cause hubby likes all things vanilla)

Old iPhone (which is technically now an iPod)

Lighter (cause a smoker can never have enough spares)

Hershey Bar (favorite chocolate bar)

Blood Pressure Machine (have to monitor it daily)

asizCreatives Business Cards

Knit Scarf for my Lil Pal (in progress)

M&Ms and Jolly Rancher Gummies (other favorite candies)

Pens (I always write in blue ink)

Moleskine Notebook (filled mostly with angry rants)

Generic notebook

The Funhouse by Dean Koontz (Koontz is the only fiction author that has my loyalty)

A Morning Cup of Prayer for Women by John A. Bright-Fey

ProBlogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett (I need all the help I can get)

Why a Son Needs a Mom by Gregory E. Lang

Calligraphy Practice Kit (loved writing this way when I was younger and recently got this kit to renew my love for it)

Spiral Bound Notebook with Blue Pen

Gluten-Free Cooking for Dummies (it never hurts to make sure I’m doing things right in the kitchen)

Moleskine Red Audio Cassette Pocket Ruled Notebook

Moleskine Green Audio Cassette Pocket Plain Notebook with Moleskine Classic Click Roller Pen (complete with Woodstock sticker)

iPhone with ear buds

Softlips Vanilla Chap Stick (only brand I’ve used for 15 years and again hubby likes Vanilla)

Fan (I’ve always had a fan blowing since I was a kid with asthma and now it’s more for combating hot flashes)  

So there you have it!

This is my sign.


Listening to Alter Bridge

2 Responses to “Photo of a One Night Stand”
  1. Dana Bennett says:

    I love your show & tell session, Shay. What a great idea. You sound really playful. I hope you’re having some good times right now. That’s what we always hope for, right? -Dana

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed it. To be honest though Dana, I’ve been feeling down for so long now that I couldn’t take it anymore. A point comes when you just have to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and PUT yourself in a better headspace. Hopefully, I’ll wake up tomorrow with the same mind set. *fingers crossed*

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