A Classic Tale

A course of events this past Friday, May 17th, led to something that could only be described as a resounding success for the Gluten Free community. I am so proud to be among this wonderful group of people.

We proved that there is power in numbers!

We proved that even though Celiac Disease (or gluten intolerance) may rob us of our strength at times, we still have the courage and vitality to fight!

United we stood and together we succeeded!


But, I’m getting ahead of myself.


On Thursday evening, Amy Raslevich posted a petition pleading that, 

“the Disney Channel to stop airing the episode ‘Quitting Cold Koala’ on the ‘Jessie’ show, and to stop using gluten-intolerance as an excuse to bully children with any disease, disorder or disability.”

Within minutes this appeared.

Tweet Celiac corner

This was then followed by:

Disney Thinks Bullying a Gluten Free Child is Funny

From there things began to really take off.

The GF community took to Twitter, Facebook, and even the phone lines making their voices heard. We were relentless in our cause and because of this we achieved victory!

Not only did Disney pull the episode of “Jessie” off the air, they issued an apology to the Gluten Free community.

Tweet Disney

Disney FB apology

There were a number of comments made both for, and against, the decision that Disney made. Gluten Dude did an excellent job of summarizing the good, the bad, and the ugly of these comments.

He even incorporated something that I had said. (Thanks again, Dude!)

Disney FB comment


With that, I will conclude this classic tale of a community united trying to transform the ways of an illustrious mouse. 

Classicl Tale Wheaty Mouse

Listening to 30 Seconds to Mars

6 Responses to “A Classic Tale”
  1. peachiecheeks says:

    There’s nothing funny about celiac/gluten intolerance or any other dietary restriction. I applaud those that stood up and made a change. Congratulations to the gluten free community for getting this off the air.

  2. Dana Bennett says:

    This is impressive, Shay. Good for you for being with the Gluten Free community (as one of their leaders, I imagine) and getting a big corporation to stop and think about the damage they are creating. Hurray for the GF team!

    • Thank you Dana. It was a definitely the highlight of my weekend! Especially, given that most big corporations NEVER respond in such a way! I have to give credit to Disney (again) for not just responding in silence like everyone else.
      As much as I’d like to say I’m a leader in the GF world, sadly I don’t think that I am. However, just being a part of it is gratification enough. If I’m going to have to deal with Celiac, then I’m glad I have such a great group of people with me.
      YES! Hurray, indeed! 😀

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