World IBD Day 2013

wibd_day_logo_cmyk_noyearJeffrey did such an amazing job in honor of World IBD Day, that instead of trying to create something myself, I’ve decided to share. I hope that you are moved by the video as much as I was.

A Guy With Crohn's


The time has come once again for us to celebrate our disease and spread awareness.  This year I was inspired by CCFA’s poor attempt at marketing IBD.  As you know from previous posts that I was not for their Escape The Stall campaign.  I felt their campaign didn’t show just what our disease is or can do.

So, to keep this brief, I made my own video to show just what this disease is to us.  I hope you enjoy it.


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2 Responses to “World IBD Day 2013”
  1. I watched the whole video, Shay, and was very moved by the IBD Warriors. Thank you for sharing this video by Jeffrey. Such bravery. So much heart.

    • First, thank for watching it!
      To be honest, when I first looked at it, I was like “10 minutes, uhhhh…” BUT, once I started watching it Jeffrey had me hooked and I couldn’t pull away.
      In fact, there were times I teared up and times that I snickered because I’ve been there and knew exactly what he meant. He did such an amazing job!
      Thanks again, Dana.

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