I’m Gonna Love You Through It

If you have spent any amount of time sifting through my musings, you know that music and I have always gone hand in hand through life. As important as it is to me, I’ve tried to refer to music only here and there, as well as my “listening to” at the bottom of each post. If I didn’t limit myself, this would take a stark turn toward a music blog rather than one geared towards tummy troubles.

However, every so often a song grabs me so strongly and is so relevant that I feel the need to bring it to others that may appreciate it as much as I do. I’ve mentioned before that “The Fighter” and “Feel Again” made a big impact on me last year. So today I have another song for your listening pleasure. Evidently, it was released in late 2011 but, better late than never to find it!

I must be completely honest; I was brought to tears when I first heard it this morning. The words hit so close to home I couldn’t help myself. If you insert “28” for “38” and “2 kids” for “3 kids”, this is my cancer story set to music.

I encourage you to listen, even if you’re not a country fan. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and if you’re fighting it you need that someone who will “love you through it”.

I may not have had a whole support system during my battle but, those few that did step up remain forever in my heart because their love did get me through it. I can’t put into words the appreciation I have for them. You know who you are! 

Colon Cancer Wristbands

Listening to Martina McBride


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