As a general rule, I don’t like confrontation. It truly takes something thoroughly wrong to make me stand up and say “hold on, this is bull **** I’ve got to say something about this.” Such an injustice has garnered said reaction and this is my way of voicing my thoughts… or rant, whichever.

Through twitter, I’ve met many fellow sufferers of all of my C’s. The IBD community seems the loudest and they are all great and inspiring. One in particular caught my attention a while back. I’ve been following her story. However, I haven’t verbalized my thoughts about it… until tonight.

Mommy With Crohns is a 29 year old mother of 3 beautiful children who has Crohn’s Disease. Nothing unusual there but, wait for it…

She’s in a custody battle because of her Crohn’s!

You heard me right. What has our judicial system come to when any judge will allow this to go on for almost a year? It is complete and unequivocally, nonsense!

After reading how this mess all got started, it just infuriated me more. I’ve fought with my ex’s more times than I like to remember over both my boys. (Yes, that includes my husband.) But never, would they ever accuse me of something that was completely fabricated. In full disclosure, I’ve had moments in my past that warranted both my ex’s taking my sons from me. I got my act together and we resumed business as usual. They both had good cause, however. For this woman to have her kids taken from her for the reasons she’s given sounds spiteful and iniquitous on her ex’s part. I mean seriously? She’s considered to have abandoned her kids because she was put in the hospital due to a flare?

So, the judge puts this woman through months of hell and she finds out today the only way to get her kids back is to go off her Crohn’s meds. I couldn’t imagine being told that! Especially not after my lawyer had provided medical documentation to the courts that dispelled any doubt to what was going on.

My mind is reeling at what this poor woman must be thinking. How could anyone make you choose between your kids and your health? I just hope that she continues to have the strength to keep fighting the courts for a just verdict because what has been said isn’t!

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3 Responses to “Injustice”
  1. Where do these judges come from? How do they come up with these untenable solutions? Someone is not in their right mind…and it’s not the mom with Crohn’s. This is NOT American civil justice. Yet this woman HAS to keep fighting. And how? I’m sure all the stress of this is making her Crohn’s worse and who can pay for lawyers when you can’t even work? The ex-husband/husband/whatever must be a heinous a**hole, too. I don’t know what I can do to help. I know she needs to appeal this decision. All I can do is pray for her and send healing and helping energy her way. Good for you, Shay. What state does she live in? How do you report a judge like that and his/her decisions? This is just wrong.

  2. asizCreatives says:

    As always, thank you Dana. She lives in Washington state. I unfortunately don’t know right now how, or if, the judge can be reported. That’ll be something I’ll look into and get back to you. I’m sure that all the prayers and good vibes are welcomed. Thank you!

  3. asizCreatives says:

    I forgot to tell you that I did find out a little more information. As of right now, she is going to be going in front of another judge at trial. She’s stressed about having to but, that’s kind of expected. On a brighter note, she has contacted the CCFA and they are in full support of her. They’re even willing to send a representative to testify if it comes to that. She’s also prepared to take her case to the media and state senate if this new judge doesn’t rule in her favor. She told me that she is “staying strong because she will never give up on her babies”. She also appreciates all the support, as do I. Thank you Dana for always being so caring.

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