Music Revisited

Ever since the beginning of this blog endeavor, I’ve talked about how much music has an impact on my daily life. I, however, couldn’t figure out how to really convey that to you… until now.

After debating a few ideas, I finally decided the best way to tell you is to, well, tell you. I’ve gone back through all my posts and pages, excluding the recipes, and told you what I was listening to while I was writing. This way you can have an idea of what is keeping me going at that moment.

As I’ve said before my tastes are eclectic. You’ll obviously see a lot of repeats but I may surprise you from time to time with my choices.

I enjoy introducing new people to new music and supporting the artists I like. Therefore, I encourage you to Google anyone you’re not familiar with.

If you like ‘em, great! If not, at least you kept an open mind!

I like hearing new music, as well as advocating for my favorites so, if you have something you think I’d enjoy please leave me a comment. 

**Listening to Stone Sour**


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