Celiac Disease: It Can’t Be Just Me

Thanks to Twitter, I came across Show Your Love this February. As it so happened, at the same exact time I finished reading, my sister texted me. I took the opportunity to link the page with the message for her to read it and pass it along to “you know who”. She responded with “Just read it. I’ll see if she has been tested and recommend she tell her doctor. Interesting!”. Now this might seem strange to some but, if you’ve followed my story, you already know that my relationship with my mother is strained to say the very least. That’s where my sister comes in.

My mother has many health issues ranging from diabetes to high blood pressure and depression. I couldn’t tell you how many medications her doctor has her on. However, for years she’s not made a significant improvement and spends most of her time asleep. Even with all the crap she’s done, she’s still my mother and I don’t want her to waste away in bed.

The last time I tried to talk to her was a year ago. Like all the occasions before, she still didn’t want to listen to what I had to say. So I decided then to just give up. After years of trying I was done. Now I find myself trying again, albeit through my sister, I’m making an attempt. Which is particularly surprising given that I recently found out my mother thinks I faked my colon cancer. (I don’t even have words to describe that story right now.)

I am the only person in my family that has been officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease and that was only 2 years ago that I found out. Therefore, it begs to reason that Celiac could explain some of my mother’s health issues, as well as a few other family members. The data clearly says there’s a good chance there’s more than just me affected here. I can only hope that my sister can get through to our mother and that she will heed the advice. After all, what is one more blood test given all the other tests that she’s had done? I guess I’ll see. There’s nothing more that I can do.


**Listening to Stone Sour**

One Response to “Celiac Disease: It Can’t Be Just Me”
  1. mmlefevre says:

    I just wanted to inform you that I love your blog! I nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award because I think its great that you are reaching out to help other with these diseases also! You are an inspiration!
    Here is the link to my nomination: http://inspiringthegirls.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/very-inspiring-blogger-award-3/
    it will tell you what you need to do next!! Good luck

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