At 30, I don’t consider myself old. (My body is like 90 on the inside but that’s beside the point.) Given that I am still fairly young minded and have a family that is rather extensive as well as having a 12 year old I see a lot of what “kids these days” are talking about. I try to advise and help them as much as I possibly can but I still see “FML… a lot. This got me to really thinking about what they are saying and then, how my life compares.

I remember being a teenager. It really wasn’t that long ago. I had a lot of crap I had to deal with, more than my peers but, I never remember saying ‘fuck my life”. Sure, I had a lot of “why me” moments and negative thoughts but it was never that bad.

So, I began thinking about teenagers today. A lot of them have been given everything but don’t appreciate it. They act if they weren’t raised with any respect. Everything is the end of creation and they won’t make it through. Mind you, I see all these “FML” on Facebook, Twitter, texts, etc. Life is so bad but you still have that iPhone or laptop to complain on? If I had done half the crap that kids pull today not only would I not be able to sit but I sure as hell wouldn’t have anything but the mirror in my bedroom to complain to.

I say all this not to be one of those adults but because I really did have something to say “FML” about when I was their age but, I didn’t. Hell, I could truthfully say it now but I don’t. Instead, I accept that my life isn’t perfect and I’ve had a long, hard road that truthfully isn’t going to get any better. It’ s ok though because I think of all the people in this world who have it so much worse than I do and I keep fighting.

Not too long ago, my dear husband, being the loving guy he is, gave me yet another “tough love” speech this time showing me a video of Jason Becker. Had no clue of who this guy was and I honestly wasn’t in the mood to care but I reluctantly watched anyway.

As someone who loves music and has chronic diseases, I was blown away. How does anyone have the right to say “FML” when Jason hasn’t?

He is only one example of many that have done/do the same. Does Christopher Reeve, Helen Keller, or Stephen Hawking ring any bells? These names are just off the top of my head but I hope you see my point. All these people had awful disabilities but pushed through and went on to achieve amazing feats.

I, as someone who suffers daily, don’t have the right to say such a thing as “FML” so why should anyone else, especially kids who don’t truly have it all that bad? It’s all about perspective. No matter how bad you may think you have it, there’s always someone out there who has it worse. They choose to live their life to the fullest. This is how I want to live my life!


**Listening to 10 Years**


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