Inspiration from Impaired Perceptions

This past weekend, I read an article that introduced me to Brian Steel and his ‘Impaired Perceptions’ photo project. In the CNN article, which can be found here, Brian talks about “ableism”, living with a disability, and the inspiration behind his project.

The title “Impaired Perceptions” is what first grabbed my attention when strolling the internet for blog ideas. That, to me, was such an epic two words that I couldn’t resist reading the article.

Not only was the subject matter poignant in regards to living with judgment from everyone I encounter but, Brian Steel also seems like an amazing person. He could have very easily let his disability drag him down but instead, he decided to do something with it.

Since beginning this blog, I have found myself actively seeking out such people. This ‘taking my disability and inspiring others’ thing is all still very new to me. I spent countless years letting my disabilities dictate my life. My musings are my way of showing my diseases who is in control.

Brian Steel’s story and photo project is truly inspirational. I hope that other readers take away from it as much as I did.


**Listening to OneRepublic**


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