My Gift to You

It is official! There will be 30 candles on the birthday cake today….well, if I was getting a cake. There isn’t any Gluten Free Bakeries close by and I sure as hell ain’t baking one! HOWEVER, if there was a cake… 30!

It has been a LONG road with more downs than ups but I have survived it all. I believe now, more than ever, that I was kept on Earth for a reason. The way things have been going the past few weeks, I’d like to think I’m doing it right here, right now.

I have already connected with so many people in the ‘tummy trouble’ community. As well as people that aren’t affected, but just enjoy my musings. I hope that I can continue providing insight into my world as we continue my journey together.  You all have given me so much already. I just hope that I do the same for you.

It’s an immense sense of satisfaction knowing that my words have readers. My voice is being heard! I’ve never known this feeling before. I love it! It gives me purpose!

So to anyone that took the time to stop and spend some time with me, my gift to you…


I am always here if you need me!

**Listening to 30 Seconds to Mars**


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