Chicken & Rice

The first Gluten free item I ever added to my repertoire is the easiest I still have. It is also my go to dinner when I’m not feeling well but want to have a home cooked meal for my family.

Chicken & Rice


2 cups Long Grain Rice

4 cups Water

1  12.5oz can (more or less depending on your tastes) of Premium Chunk Chicken Breast


I use:

1 tsp Salt

Pepper (to taste or tolerance)

Texas Pete Pepper Sauce (to taste or tolerance)

Be adventurous:

Just about any spice will liven up this dish. I’ve tried everything from Lemon Pepper seasoning to Garlic Herb. Make it your own with your favorite combination of seasonings!


Cook the rice according to the directions on the package and according to your consistency preference. (My family prefers the rice to be on the sticky side, which I obtain by adding a few extra tsp of water.)

Add the seasoning directly to the water and rice while waiting for boil.

Set the timer and relax.

Once the rice is done, drain the chicken and add it to the pot.

Mix well.

That’s it! You’re done! In approximately 20 minutes, your GF dinner is served.

2 Responses to “Chicken & Rice”
  1. I love this because we all need simple stuff to prepare – the go to recipe, for sure! Thanks!

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