My 2 Cents on Alan Graham’s Diet

I recently was posed a question on Crohn’s Support as to if I thought Alan Graham’s diet approach would work. After reading the rather lengthy piece, my thoughts were swirling. Here is what Alan Graham had to say and my 2 cents on the matter.

First things first, I was newly diagnosed back in the late 90’s as well so I can relate to the timing of this guy. However, it sounds like to me his gastro was less informed than most. My gastro did exactly the same thing as his with a few exceptions. I was on the steroids and the sulfa (and a few more meds) but my dr. also put me on a multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement as well as talked to me about my diet, like what to avoid and such.

Unlike today, you have to remember at that time all this Crohn’s stuff was a fairly new subject and not a lot of research was well known to the world. Even so, it’s obvious that our dr.’s approached the matter differently.

Another thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s bodies are different. Something that may work for one, may not work for you. That could mean meds, foods, herbal therapies, whatever.

With that, the Colostrums idea kind of makes sense. But in no way do I think it is a cure as he suggested. Like anything you put in your body, there are risks (as he said). It’s ultimately up to the individual as to what is the lesser of the evils in the battle with Crohn’s. Given that his website has not been updated since 2008 we may never know what the long term effects, good or bad, were with Mr. Graham.


Now to quickly address the rest:

2– I’ve heard great things about Omega 3’s for years.

3– An increase in fiber intake has always confused me after all we all know what fiber does to the body. Why would I want to make my bathroom trips even more frequent?

4-Red wine, in small amounts, evidently has many health benefits. With my PSC, I don’t drink so I can’t attest either way.

5– I am a little confused on L-Glutamine. According to my research on Celiac Disease, which is when the villi are destroyed because of gluten, they are not able to “regrow or heal”. Therefore, I don’t see how this would help you. I’m sure amino acids are a healthy thing to introduce into your diet but they can be found naturally in food that you’d normally eat. Why take yet another pill?

6 & 10 – I have heard great things about olive oil and garlic over the years for your tummy troubles. I use them as much as I can when I cook.

9– Digestive Enzymes are always a good thing. But let’s be real, you don’t have to actively seek out specially formulated expensive products. It’s yogurt people! I happen to LOVE Yoplait Whips Strawberry Mist but I’ll eat just about any flavor. I’d rather spend my time/money with something more constructive.

11– Green foods have a lot of health benefits. “The brighter the color, the better” so I’ve heard. Moreover, I love my green leafys, even my seaweed wrapped sushi but keep in mind that even though they provide many health benefits they are hard to digest. Now that I am colon free, I have to limit my amounts or I suffer the consequences.

12– I’m not personally a fan of tea unless it’s sweetened and iced. (Born and bred in the southern US, what’d ya expect? lol) but I have heard of various benefits of various types of teas. Therefore, you’ll have to do your own research on what best suits you.

13– I am a fan of using honey to sweeten things rather than regular old sugar. It’s the chef in me wanting to use natural and simple ingredients BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t have sugar in my kitchen. In fact, a tablespoon of sugar helps the hiccups go away. I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners because well, they’re artificial. I detest things that taste artificial.

14– I said before that my dr. put me on multi-vitamins and a calcium supplement when I was first diagnosed. With any health problem, this added set of pills is a necessary evil, especially in diseases that robs your body of nutrients you’d normally get from regular food.

7 (Tap Water), 8 (Chromium Amino Acid Chelated v/s Tums), parts of 12 & 13, and 15 (Dairy)- Seriously? Dude is bordering on conspiracy theorist.

I am sure that he truly believes what he says and that’s fine. EVERYONE is entitled to his or her own opinions on things. However, just like the immunization/autism controversy, do your OWN research. What do you think the pros and cons are? Talk things over with your doctors and try things you think may help. Listen to your OWN body. And, most importantly, don’t believe every “fact” you read on the internet.

OK. That’s my 2 cents on the matter. What are yours?

**Listening to Maroon 5**

2 Responses to “My 2 Cents on Alan Graham’s Diet”
  1. A Table in the Sun says:

    Well said. I’ve actually made great progress doing research on my own than with ANY western medical doctor or alternative practictioner. They all have their agendas to push, and most are too extreme for me. My poor body has to be treated gently, which means that I can’t take 99% of the supplements or medicines they want to push on me. If you listen to your body, and proceed gently with your course, it will tell you what’s right.

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