Restroom Access Act

I have never been one for politics of any kind. I find the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils absurd. It is rare that you will hear me voice my opinion on matters of the government unless it affects me directly. To date, there have been two issues that have garnered my activeness: the section of Obama Care regarding pre-existing conditions and now, Ally’s Law.

“Enact the Restroom Access Act nationwide. This law would require businesses to allow customers with medically documented illnesses to use bathrooms normally restricted to paying customers or employees.

People with digestive disorders such as IBD, Crones Disease or Ulcerative Colitis; and other medical conditions, shouldn’t be denied access to use a bathroom when they can’t afford to wait or seek alternatives.

I also propose allowing people with these conditions to apply and receive handicap-parking permits. A handicap-parking card will allow people with the disability quicker access to a business to find a bathroom.

Failure to provide this easy access to available bathrooms will discourage many people with these conditions to avoid the particular business, or going out in general.”

It sounds, straightforward and a long time coming to me. I can’t count how many times I have been in the situation that is being described. Yet, I recently read that by this law passing it gives the message that those that suffer with digestive disorders are more special than non-sufferers. To which, I say um, yea, we are.

Those that feel that way I ask you, have you ever had food poisoning or a stomach virus? Did you leave your house when you were sick? Or did you stay as close to your bathroom as possible? So, imagine living with that feeling every single day. We can’t hide in our homes. We have to go out into the world for one reason or another. We know where every restroom is whenever we leave the house. I promise you the embarrassment you may have had those few days with a stomach bug is nothing compared to a lifetime of it.

I don’t think it is so unreasonable to be allowed to use facilities for the basic of human functions. We, sometimes, have literally less than a minute to get to a restroom. This law would make it so that 60 seconds is spent getting to the restroom rather than arguing over its use.

I urge anyone that reads this to please visit Enact the Restroom Access Act, or Ally’s Law and help make this a reality. Thank You!


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2 Responses to “Restroom Access Act”
  1. I completely agree with you about Ally’s Law. I had a period of 6 weeks with uncontrollable diarrhea and I was nearly housebound. So, yeah, I can try to imagine a lifetime of that, but in all honesty I think it’s one of the meanest things to happen to someone. And it happens to a lot of someones – like you. Yes, I knew where every bathroom was, but sometimes they were dirty or didn’t have paper (and I hadn’t yet figured out to take my own) or some toilets weren’t working, or all the stalls were full – it was a nightmare just to try to go to the grocery store. I had to have someone go with me. I had a friend who drove me once who had no sense of geography and I swear, I thought I was going to die before she could follow the simplest directions and get us the hell to the store and back home. I TOTALLY support passage of this bill and boo-hiss to those of you who don’t get it!

  2. asizCreatives says:

    Thank you so much for the support! There’s still a lot of signatures needed and not a lot of time before the deadline. So every one counts!
    I am sorry to hear about your experience though. I wouldn’t wish those times on anyone!

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