Mike McCready, Whaaaat?

I am a child of the 90’s plain and simple. It was 1991 and I was 8 years old when my older brother first introduced me to the sounds of rock. My first memories are of Metallica, Megadeth, and Pearl Jam. I look back now and have to wonder what my 16-year-old brother was thinking letting his little sister listen to such things but I couldn’t thank him more for it.

Now, I never did become a big fan of Megadeth and let’s face it Metallica let everyone down years ago but Pearl Jam has always reminded me of the “good ole days”. (Remember, it was just a few years later that I became sick.) This memory became rather important last year when I received my issue of Crohn’s Advocate. On the cover, I see Mike McCready, lead guitarist for Pearl Jam. At first, I thought, “Ok. Cool. Dude knows somebody that suffers and he wants to speak up on his or her behalf. After all, this man performs on stage in front of thousands he couldn’t possibly be affected.” I skipped straight to his article to discover that I was wrong.

Not only is he an incredible (and underrated) guitar player in a famous band but, he also had been suffering from Crohn’s since age 21. Wow! Here I am freaking out about leaving the house for any significant time (knowing where EVERY restroom is along the way) and he’s on the road touring and performing for the masses. Kinda put me in my place. If he found the courage and strength to brave the big world, then why did I have such a hard time with it?

Granted things are slightly different now that I had my colon removed. Flares don’t determine my frequency anymore. It’s always frequent, unfortunately. HOWEVER, just because I am still tied to knowing every restroom location in my immediate radius doesn’t mean that I can’t do what I enjoy. Mike did it. I wanna be like Mike! LOL. Sorry.

Seriously, though, his story inspires me. I want to have an impact and not let my 4 C’s rule my every move.

One last thing, I have heard every end of the spectrum when it comes to Obama Care. You are all entitled to your opinions but before you swear death to the idea, step into our shoes for a moment and watch this

I personally don’t like every aspect of the new healthcare reform but THIS I will defend!

I’ve not had health insurance for years. The last time I checked on a quote (prior to Obama) they told me it would be $1,300 a month just for my coverage due to my pre-existing conditions. WTF?  Life IS a pre-existing condition!


**Listening to Pearl Jam**

4 Responses to “Mike McCready, Whaaaat?”
  1. Thank you for writing about this very timely topic. The Affordable Care Act is only going to get better over time as other benefits kick in. I’m still waiting for universal health care – for everyone, forever. It’s insane that in this country you have to go broke if you get sick. Totally and completely idiotic and cruel. And unnecessary!

    • asizCreatives says:

      i sure hope so. i’m waiting for insurance as well. it’s a serious game of russian roulette i play. at what point do i decide i’m sick enough to go to the doctor? it’s complete BS!

  2. By the way, I shared the video of Mike McCready on my Facebook page.

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