Off Track

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life, those I care about, and a million other things. I also looked back over my previous posts and made a drastic realization. My blog was supposed to be an insight into my world dealing with all my “tummy troubles” but I have gotten way off track. It is apparent that while I was writing from the heart and what was on my mind, the past few months have all dealt with my family and my husband in particular. This is by no means what I had intended. It was a good way to vent and it got his attention but what good did all that really do for those that read what I write? Show you how down I can get? How I go into this head space that I’m never proud of? Well, for those reasons and many more, I apologize.

I will say that all the stress I’ve been under has taken a rather bad toll on my health. I can’t seem to get this flare I’ve been battling under control. My blood pressure still hasn’t leveled off since my hospital trip in October. My liver keeps giving me fits. I mean the list goes on. I seemed so optimistic when I first started writing again and life, it would seem, has beaten me down to the point that I had forgotten. Well, I’m not going to say all that’s about to change cause quite frankly, I’m afraid that it’s not. I still have a very rough road looming in front of me… more later.


Scarecrow can't do ALL the thinking...

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